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  •  The Finest Quality- And Grades That Prove It.

    All Diamonds sold on Jewel Swap are GIA certified.  Graded upon and backed by scientific characteristics detailed by the authority in gems, the Gemology Institute of America.
  • Looking Its Best And Just Like It's New Again

    Every Piece of jewelry offered on Jewel Swap - from loose diamonds to refurbished accessories and anything in betweeen - gets varified, refurbished, and cleaned by our expert in-house jewelers before making its way to its new owner.
  • Peace of Mind.  Fully Insured.  Start to Finish.

    Know that every piece of jewelry picked up and delivered by Jewel Swap is fully insured from start to finish in the process.  Buyers and sellers shouldn't worry about anything other than finding the perfect jewelry for their taste.
  • Best Value, By Beating the System

    Jewelery retail has not changed for hundreds of years.  Multiple rounds of markups by greedy industry insiders, buying back for nothing and re-selling as "new" jewelery for huge mark-ups.  By re-selling directly to eachother we can finally get fair selling & purchasing value.


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What is Jewel Swap?

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  • We Are a Community.

    Jewel Swap offers customer Service and care that will keep buyers and sellers confident from beginning to end.  We are your trusted source for jewelry reselling

  • Maximum Value

    We allow people across the world to buy and sell directly to one another.  This cuts out countless middlemen and maximizes value for both buyers and sellers.

  • Every Piece Verified and Revitalized

    On top of GIA certification and grading, our team of professionals will refurbish all jewelry at our in-house factory before reaching its buyers new owner.

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Real Jewelry Industry Professionals with Decades of Experience

Our team of in-house professionals have been working with the highest quality gems and jewelry for decades.Its our pleasure to help buyers and sellers make decisions with confidence while improving the jewelry ecosystem throughout the world, whether brand new or aftermarket products.

  • Free Shipping Keeps it Simple

    Everybody likes free shipping.  It's even better when the products beng shipped can be confidently tracked until they reach their final destination.
  • Fully Insured From Start to Finish

    Everything bought or sold is fully insured from the time it leaves the sellers hands until the time it reaches the buyers hands..  Our in-house staff of jewelers makes sure the best product leaves our lab before arriving at the buyer's doorstep with no surprises.
  • Saving for both Buyers and sellers

    The ultimate win-win.  Buy and sell directly to one another on the Jewel Swap platform and eliminate the middleman - and all the excessive costs associated with him.  The seller gets more and the buyer pays less.  Jewel Swap makes it happen.
  • GIA Grades for ALL Diamonds Bought and Sold

    All diamonds bought and sold on Jewel Swap come with GIA diamond grading to reflect the overall quality of the diamond by the most respected gemology institute.


I never thought Id get such good value selling my old rings!!! Will definitely use to sell all my old jewelry, and use the money to buy something new!!!!!
John, America