How it works

The seller- lists all the quality’s they know about their stone/jewelry in an easy to use format and a listings posted. After this there are two options:

1- You ship the Diamond/jewelry to us in an insured box where we can examine & verify all information. Once there is a buyer, funds get immediately transferred to you (best option for the quickest way to receive your money once a sale is made)

***** This method is mandatory for all large diamonds as we need to get each diamond verified by GIA. This can also help you adjust your listing based upon the true grading of your diamond******

2- You can wait until there is a buyer then the Piece is shipped to us for verification. Once it is verified the funds will be released to you. (Best way if you are uncomfortable with parting with your jewelry until there is a buyer.)

We will email you with a suggested fair selling price based on our review of the product, but the seller is allowed to list at any price

***Reminder if you have an appraisal**** most appraisals are made at retail value, this is for mostly insurance and tax purposes, our fair-market resell value would be based on market conditions to reflect a more accurate appraisal.

The Buyer- Its easy, you can just scroll through our full list of stones on our diamonds page or jewelry on our jewelry page for sale.

Once you see something you like you just can:

- Purchase at the listed price

** don’t like the mounting your diamond is in or are buying a loose diamond? We can easily set your stone into a new mounting while its at our facility.

**** need an alteration to a piece (sizing, plating, etc)? Since its coming to our factory anyway, for a small charge, we can make all alterations necessary. All you have to do is indicate which alterations you would like on checkout.

Important thing to remember-

Once someone purchases for listing price the sale is final

We will hold all funds and transfer the money only after the piece is verified that it matches what was posted.

If any piece needs to be altered to make it match the listing or if there is a critical defect to the effectiveness of the piece that is not posted on the listing we will do this repair and charge the seller to make the piece match the posting.

This includes but is not limited to:

-broken clasps


-missing stones

- missing components

Fee structure

  • There are no fees to be paid until a sale is made
  • Once a sale is made a percentage will be automatically deducted based on the scale below for brokerage of the deal
  • There is a flat 2% admin fee to the buyer
  • Transaction ValueUp to $5,000
    Seller Fees22%
  • Transaction Value$5,001 - $50,000
    Seller Fees15%
  • Transaction Value$50,001 - $250,000
    Seller Fees10%
  • Transaction Value$250,001 Above
    Seller Fees5%