Our story

My name is Jared and I am the co-founder and CEO of JEWEL SWAP. I am a fourth generation Jeweler, and my family has been in the jewelry business for over 100 years. I’ve manufactured and sold Jewelry to some of the largest retailers, designers, and diamond dealers in the world. Over the years I have seen the insane markups on Diamonds & Jewelry (well over 100%). I would often make friends and family engagement rings at a fraction of the cost by cutting out retail and going direct to the diamond dealer, often times thinking to myself, “This dealer definitely paid half for this from a person looking to sell their personal diamond and didn’t know any better.”  After venting my frustrations to my lifelong friend and Co-founder Ryan Hearn, he suggested that we do something about it to help people and disrupt this greedy industry. We realized it’s not just diamonds, this is with all jewelry, the more it costs the worse it gets. That’s why we founded JEWEL SWAP, to cut out all the middlemen and the insane mark ups all to offer people the best price, and to help out anyone looking to sell their jewelry.

Through our research we realized that all other person to person platforms offer no security and you could be getting ripped off. That’s when we decided to make this a person to person network for buying a selling jewelry where everything makes a stop at our factory to not only verify each piece of jewelry and get every Diamond independently graded but GIA, the industry’s most trusted diamond certification company, abut to also polish up the piece so the used jewelry you buy becomes new jewelryfor the same low prices.

The Jewelry industry doesn’t want you knowing these prices exist, they don’t want you to know the low prices they buy back jewelry for to turn around and sell it at a huge markup, but we couldn’t sit around watching people get ripped off. And since we already had the state of the art factory and experts in place, everything can come to us to verify, clean, or modify in any way to make everything like new. By selling to each other we cut out all the greed associated with buying from any retailer, and we provided the safest space to accomplish that.