Why is jewelry so expensive to buy and yet you recieve so little when you sell... until now???

Chances are if you go into any jewelry store you will get sold on a “beautiful diamond, one of its kind, with a high resale value” just to go back days to years later and only be offered less than half of what you paid for it. This is for a few reasons:

1- Markup is huge (usually around 100%), for various reasons including but not limited to rent, insurance, payroll, taxes, profit, and Everyone handling your diamond/jewelry has these same expenses.

2- the diamond/jewelry you sell back could get sold to a diamond buyer, then wholesaler, then manufacturer, then back to a retail store, with everyone looking to make a profit along the way.

3- Most “new” Jewelry is just bought back and re-purposed used jewelry, so your brand new jewelry from a store is probably not that new to begin with.

We link seller directly with buyer cutting out every other party looking to make a profit off of the diamond you spent your hard earned money on.

We have created the only online platform using Full Transparency to link initial seller to final buyer in a trusted and secure system.

Why it doesn’t pay to use other online market places:

1- To cut down on cost they just have the seller send their piece directly to the buyer.

Our Solution- We take extra care and have everything come to us first so we can personally review the diamond or jewelry for you… there is no second guessing with us.

2- They make it very nerve-racking for buyer and seller with the seller unsure about funds and the buyer unsure of what condition the jewelry is in, if it is even what was listed:

Our Solution- Everything comes to our state of the art factory to verify that each piece is exactly as listed AND we give it a “spa” treatment making each piece just like off the shelf.

3- They don’t link initial seller with the end buyer meaning whoever is buying it from you won’t pay the fair price because they are looking to turn around and sell it themselves

Our Solution- We have create a unique space where by selling to each other the seller gets the highest price while allowing the buyer to purchase for the lowest…. The ultimate WIN/WIN

We go the extra mile and refurbish everything. Tightening stones and polishing to make that used piece you are buying look like new again.

Buying a loose diamond or one in a setting you don’t prefer? Just let us know and we can put your diamond in a brand new mounting of your choosing!!!

Our Verification process includes sending all large Diamonds to GIA (the worlds most trusted diamond grading company and the standard for anyone in the jewelry industry), to insure the Diamonds measurements. All diamonds come with their own GIA certificate!!!!

Remember*** if your jewelry is going anywhere else than directly to the end buyer you will be ripped off

How jewelry gets sold from a store- (bought originally for $5000)
**Seller gets $1000 --Buyer
How buying from an online marketplace usually works

Person wants to sell

The site charges a percentage, never even touching the merchandise, just for providing the platform. Not personally verifying or refurbishing

Buyer has to pay a lot of money not knowing what they are actually getting. It could be dirty, broken, not as advertised, and fake. With no way to verify. It’s a scary proposition

How we work

Seller posts their jewelry or diamonds

Short stop to us to verify and refurbish like new or set the stone in a new mounting

Buyer receives their verified and practically new jewelry